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Key West of the Florida Keys

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What to Know About Key West

At the very southernmost tip of the Florida Keys, and the southernmost point of the continental United States; lies the Conch Republic of Key West. A little over 7 square miles in size, Key West is closer to Havana, Cuba than it is to Miami, and the Caribbean influence shows strongly in the city with its live-and-let-live attitude. Key West is considered a launching point for swims to Cuba because of the short distance between the two. The Atlantic Ocean lies on one side of the Keys and the Gulf of Mexico on the other; Key West is well known for Duval Street, a designated "Great Street" a little more than a mile long that runs from the Gulf of Mexico side to the Atlantic Ocean side.

Key West has a tropical savanna climate similar to the Caribbean islands. It, like the rest of the Keys, is one of the only locations on the mainland U.S. to have never had a recorded frost. Yet Tradewinds from the east and sea breezes help keep the island from getting too hot from the usual heat you would expect. As with other tropical climates, Key West has a two-season climate, wet and dry. Even in the wet season though the raid often comes in quick downpours followed by lots of sun, earning Key West the place of the driest city in Florida. The weather isn't the only thing in Key West with a tropical feel; the exotic foliage, beautiful waters, and fantastic beaches are all another facet to surround you in paradise.

As with the rest of The Keys, Key West is quite popular for activities found on the water. There's swimming and diving in the Dry Tortugas or renting a boat and exploring the waters of the Key West Marina, and many other locations to go swimming, kayaking, or diving in Key West. On top of this the fishing is top notch as well; Key West has some of the best saltwater fishing around. If fishing isn't your forte, Key West is home to numerous historic sites and other activities. Walk the streets of Old Town, the earliest Key West neighborhoods known as the Historic District, and see notable sites like the Ernest Hemingway House and the Harry S. Truman Little White House. For something more active there is the famous Duval Street; a little over a mile long this energetic strip of shops, bars, and cafes is always buzzing with energy during the day and ending each day with a sunset celebration at Mallory Square. See all kinds of amazing acts with the setting sun as the background. Of course a trip to the Key West is not complete without stopping by the southernmost point of the United States. This brightly colored buoy is one of the most visited and photographed attractions in the United States.

Key West, with its oddities and contrasts and its beautiful and strange people and events is one of the most unique cities in the United States. There is always something to do in Key West. We at Century 21 All Professional provide a list of homes for sale in Key West as well as a list of resources for the city