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Marathon of the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Marathon Welcoming Sign

What to Know about Marathon

Marathon is considered the Heart of the Keys for both its central location within the Keys and the kind residents who live within the city. The city lies upon multiple islands; Knight's Key, Boot Key, Key Vaca, Fat Deer Key, Long Point Key, Crawl Key, and Grassy Key. The Atlantic Ocean is located on one side and the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Bay on the other. Marathon's boundary extends from the Seven Mile Bridge to Tom's Harbor Bridge, and is believed to have a population of nearly 9,000, according to an estimation made in 2014. The city expands to an area of 9.6 square miles and has many of the amenities you would expect for the area. Marathon is about two hours from Miami and an hour from Key West. Marathon can also be reached by boat from the Atlantic or the Florida Bay; there are specially marked Intracoastal Waterways that can take you as far as Long Key.

Much like the rest of the Keys, Marathon features a tropical climate. The city has two seasons throughout the year; a hot and wet season from May to October and a warm and dry season from November to April, and there has never been a recorded frost within the city. Even with the tropical weather, mosquitoes are not as common a problem in Marathon as they are in other parts of the Keys, thanks to the work Marathon does to keep them in check. The waters around Marathon are clear and inviting, and full of bountiful reefs. The natural body of water Boot Key Harbor lies within the city limits between Boot Key and Key Vaca, and there are a few beach areas to enjoy as well.

Being at the center of the Florida Keys, Marathon is a huge destination for tourism and economy. The island boasts some of the best boating activities anywhere; Marathon is a major sport fishing destination and has a multitude of marinas catering to most water sports. There are charters available for all activities you can find in the city. Most of Marathon's livelihood comes from the ocean. Seafood is a staple in most of the restaurants; and there is the Dolphin Research Center, Aquarium Encounters, and the Turtle Hospital all on the island. While the ocean plays a very pivotal role within Marathon, there are still many land activities as well. There is the Crane Point Hammock and Curry Hammock State Parks, the historic Pigeon Key Island, and the Crane Point Museum, where you can see one of the last untouched tropical hardwood hammocks. Marathon also boasts both the tallest building in the Keys, the Bonefish Tower at 143 feet, and the only country club in the Florida Keys, the Sombrero Country Club.

Marathon is a great place to see in the Florida Keys. Not too far from anywhere else in the Keys, it is a good place to settle, and features a more permanent population then some other locations in The Keys. It's possible to see a number of Marathon Homes and Listings here, or more resources on the city can be found here.